2018 New Year’s Greetings from Daichi Fujiki

2018/1/1 UP

2017, meaning the year until yesterday was the year when I was able to realize everything that I had ever wished for, as a “vocalist” and “opera singer”.
Making debut at the Vienna State Opera which I had yearned for so long, releasing a CD album, and doing a Japan Recital Tour with the world’s top “collaborative pianist”, Mr. Martin Katz. All of my dreams came true and to be honest, I even feel that there is nothing so much left to be done.

However, during the course of working hard and making efforts towards all these big goals which I thought were quite impossible to achieve at the time, so many audiences started to look out for me and cheer me up. Also many people started supporting me for my work.

In 2018, meaning starting from today, I truly hope that my singing would be something special for all of those people who are supporting me. I am really happy if something that I have done feverishly to accomplish my dreams, would now become something special for someone else. I am most grateful to have such a wonderful life of music.

In this New Year, I am glad to be opening this new official Website.

My very first ever website was made on August 1st, 2005 by my friend in my hometown, when I was just starting up as a young bird as an opera singer, just before moving to Italy for studying. My friend kindly said “I will look after this website until someone makes your official website in the future.” But I never thought such a day would come.
And in 12 years and 5 months time, it has happened.

I always want to be just the way I actually am, and would like to make this website, a place to share direct information with everyone.
I would like to keep singing with all my heart, thanking everyone who has made me a vocalist/opera singer and for people who are using their precious time and minds for keeping me singing.
Best Wishes and thank you ever so much for your continued support in this New Year.